ISSA-NOVA is back partnering with MACH37 to give their new set of startup groups a chance to try to pitch their technology.  For those that are unfamiliar with this,  MACH37 is a Commonwealth of Virginia program that coaches and angel-funds startup companies in the field of information security.  They spend several months training and guiding these new companies to help them learn how to run a business.  MACH37 then helps to focus their appeal to the market with the end goal of finding long-term funding as they bring their product to market.  MACH37 is currently training and funding seven start-ups to bring their security technology to market – many already have some level of product and possibly a limited customer base for their security solutions.  Our goal is to give our membership an opportunity to see what is coming up in the field of information security (while they are eating some food and before our main speaker goes on).  We have the following groups giving their “elevator pitches” at the October meeting:

Bijoti – Turnkey appliance to implement compliance requirements
Syncurity – Automation and process management for incident response activities
FireDrillMe – SaaS platform that mimics local network to train teams on incident response


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